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Ooh, how about this for a prompt: Niam, Liam is sick and Niall notices :)


Niall often over ate so no one really paid it any mind when he started turning green.

It wasn’t until Niall was crying by the toilet because he was sure he must have swallowed a plastic truck because his insides hurt and he couldn’t breathe that Liam panicked and screamed for painkillers and doctors and a bed because Niall needed to lie down.

They didn’t find a bed but Liam carded his fingers through Niall’s hair until the ambulance came and Niall fell asleep, dreaming that throughout the appendectomy, Liam was the doctor.

Liam became his hero from then on.

So yeah… I think I made up a word somewhere in there. And sorry for mixing Niall and Liam up, I didn’t see that it was the opposite in the prompt. Sorry! 

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